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vladimir simić
University of Belgrade, Serbia | website
Research interests: Operations Research; Decision Support Systems; Transportation Engineering; Multi-Criteria Decision-Making; Waste Management
Associate editors(2)
erfan babaee tirkolaee
Istinye University, Turkey | website
Research interests: Supply Chain Management; Waste Management; Production Planning and Scheduling; Transportation and Routing; Mathematical Modeling; Artificial Intelligence
tapan senapati
Padima Janakalyan Banipith, India | website
Research interests: Fuzzy Logic; Applied Mathematics; Algebra; Logic; Soft Computing; Fuzzy Set Theory; Machine Learning; Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence; Computational Intelligence; Applied Artificial Intelligence
Board members(22)
luka novacko
University of Zagreb, Croatia | website
Research interests: Modelling and Planning in Road and Urban Traffic; Traffic Simulations and Intersection Design
libor švadlenka
University of Pardubice, Czech Republic | website
Research interests: City Logistics Problems (Last Mile Delivery); Technology and Management of Transport and Postal Services; AIDC Technology and its Application in Postal Services Sector
muhammet deveci
Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University College London, Imperial College London, United Kingdom | website
Research interests: Operations Management; Optimization; Scheduling; Mathematical Programming; Heuristics; Integer Programming, etc
nezir aydin
Yildiz Technical University, Turkey | website
Research interests: Industrial Engineering; Optimization Theory and Methods; Global Optimization; Simulation; Supply Chain and Logistics Management; Network Design; Engineering and Technology
peiman ghasemi
University of Vienna, Austria | website
Research interests: Optimization; Operation Research Applications in Production Planning; Deterministic and Stochastic Optimization (linear and nonlinear); Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MADM and specially MODM); Computational Intelligence and Meta-Heuristics; Game theory strategies in supply chain; Locating and Routing in Supply Chain; Fuzzy Sets and Applications
muhammad riaz
University of the Punjab, Pakistan | website
Research interests: Algebra and Topology; Computational Intelligence; Fuzzy Sets and Systems; Soft Set Theory; Rough Set Theory; Novel Hybrid Structures; Topology and its Applications in Decision Making Problems
svetlana dabic-miletic
University of Belgrade, Serbi | website
Research interests: Supply Chain Management; Risk Management; Materails Handling; Optimization; Waste Management; Smart Logistics Activities; End-of-Life Vehicles and Tires
umit cali
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway | website
Research interests: Energy Forecasting Using AI; Cybersecurity; Privacy and Data Protection; Cyber Analytics; Digital – Green Energy Transformation Research; Energy Blockchain; Energy Markets and Economics
dragan pamucar
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Serbia, | website
Research interests: Operational Research; Mathematical Programming; Multi-Criteria Decision Making; Uncertainty Theories; Fuzzy Sets and Systems; Neuro-Fuzzy Systems; Neutrosophic Sets; Rough Sets
morteza yazdani
Universidad Internacional de Valencia, Spain | website
Research interests: Supply Chain Management; Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making; Decision Support Systems; Multi Objective Mathematical Programming; Sustainability; Strategic Management
derya deliktaş
Kütahya Dumlupınar University, Turkey | website
Research interests: Operation Research; Optimization; Simulation
zeljko stevic
University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina | website
Research interests: Logistics; Supply Chain Management; Transport; Traffic Engineering; Soft Computing; Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Problems; Rough Set Theory; Sustainability; Fuzzy Set Theory; Neutrosophic Set Theory; Circular Economy
ömer faruk görçün
Kadir Has University, Turkey | website
Research interests: Fuzzy optimization; Soft computing; Uncertainty theory; Mathematical modelling; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Traffic Safety; Big Data; Circular Economy; Environmental engineering
zhensong chen
Wuhan University, China | website
Research interests: Construction Management; Supply Chain Management; Decision Support Systems; Computing with Words; Group Decision Analysis.
selman karagoz
Coventry University, United Kingdom | website
Research interests: Operational Research; Multi-Criteria Decision Making; Decision-Making under Uncertainty (Stochastic and Fuzzy Environments); Data Analytics; System Dynamics; Artificial Intelligence; Quantitative Research
nebojsa bacanin
Singidunum University, Serbia | website
Research interests: Swarm Intelligence; Evolutionary Computation and Algorithms; Stochastics and Heuristics Optimization; Computer Networks; Cloud Computing; Wireless Sensor Networks; Machine Learning; Cloud Computing; Digital Image Processing.
fariba goodarzian
Heriot-Watt University, Scotland | website
Research interests: Supply Chain Management; Operations Management; Logistics and Transport; Circular Economy; Agri-Food Supply Chain; Agriculture Supply Chain; Network Design; Sustainability; Facility Location; Logistics; Healthcare Operations
seyyed ahmad edalatpanah
Ayandegan Institute of Higher Education, Iran | website
Research interests: Mathematical Programming; Operational Research; Numerical Modeling; Strategic Analytics; Decision Support Systems; Uncertainty Theories; Soft Computing.
zhenyu zhang
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China | website
Research interests: Railway Engineering; Decision Support System; Knowledge Engineering; Prognostics and Health Management; Computational Intelligence
mouhamed bayane bouraima
Southwest Jiaotong University, China | website
Research interests: Multi-Criteria Decision Making; Operation Research; Decision Support System; Sustainable Transportation; Asphalt and Asphalt mixture Design
chiranjibe jana
Vidyasagar University, India | website
Research interests: Fuzzy BCK/BCI-Algebras and Related Algebraic Systems; Aggregation Operators; Multiple-Attribute Decision-Making; Muti-Criteria Decision-Making; Decision Support Systems
ali ala
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China | website
Research interests: Supply Chain Management and Logistics; Healthcare Operations; Optimization; Multi-Criteria Decision-Making; Artificial Intelligence