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Acadlore Publication Services: We offer superior services to our authors, reviewers, editors, librarians, publishers, societies, and conference organizers.
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Acadlore envisions a community of shared knowledge for mankind. Our expertise in scholarly publishing enables us to support academic journal publishers of all sizes, who also longs for a future of open science. We help our partners to streamline their publication procedures, improve the quality of all accepted article, and focus on the development of their journals.
Journal management

If you are running an OA journal at a university or another research institute, you can entrust Acadlore to manage your journal. We will assign a managing editor and several assistant editors to support the journal management. The management support mainly focuses on correspondence with authors and reviewers, invoicing, and marketing.
If you are too busy or have difficulty in journal management, you can sell the periodical business to Acadlore. We will assign a managing editor and several assistant editors, whose number depends on the size and number of the journal(s) to cover all aspects of journal development, and bear all staff cost thereby incurred. Through our professional management, there is a high chance for your journal(s) to get indexed in mainstream databases.
Editorial and production supports

Our manuscript processing system offers a basket of services, making your journal management more efficient and effective. These services, which are embedded seamless into our official website, roughly fall into two categories: editorial support and production support. You can flexibly select your desired services, and integrate them into your workflow.
We offer editorial support from submission through acceptance. Every step of the editorial process, such as preliminary assessment, peer review, and editor decision, is optimized in the manuscript processing system. All parties involved in the process are timely notified, and properly managed. This web-based system works behind all our journals.
The production process from acceptance to publication is also fully supported by our manuscript processing system. After being accepted, the papers can be formatted and edited quickly for publication, and converted into various types of files, depending on the requirement of the requestor. With the support of our system, the accepted papers can be published with the minimal delay.
Other supports

Acadlore enables authors and partners to search directly for every published paper, query for citation information, look for potential reviewers, using customized searches, and keep them up-to-date with latest research in all fields.
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