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Acadlore Publication Services: We offer superior services to our authors, reviewers, editors, librarians, publishers, societies, and conference organizers.
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Acadlore journals are the essential resource for scholars around the world. We provide the research community with a diverse portfolio of open access journals. All the papers published in our journals are in line with the highest quality standards in research, and exposed to the widest possible audience. Please read the following instructions if you wish to access and index our contents:
Download full-text

The full-text of every paper published in our journals can be downloaded in XML, PDF or EPUB.
Index contents

Thanks to our collaboration with various indexing databases and platforms, our contents can be accessed in the following ways:
(1) As a member of Crossref, Acadlore has registered all our contents with DOIs, and registered the metadata of new published papers soon after publication. You can retrieve our contents through Crossref.
(2) Acadlore offers customized depositing feeds for indexing databases. These feeds deliver full-text contents and metadata in XML, PDF, or both.
(3) Acadlore provides an OAI-PMH interface to facilitate the sharing and harvesting of metadata.
(4) You can also search for the desired contents on our website, and export the results in batches.
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