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What is open access?

Open access makes research publications freely available, so as to benefit any reader/user of research and advance the society. Open access makes research available to readers, and allows others to reuse the research.
The immediate and widened access to the latest research accelerates knowledge discovery, and encourages creativity, forming an equitable knowledge system that is open to all. In recent years, research papers and books are increasingly made available openly.
Why open access?

In the traditional publishing model, the article rights are possessed by publishers. The research is held behind the paywall of publishers. Anyone who wants to read the articles must pay a fee to access them, which is unaffordable for many researchers or students. Although libraries and institutions help provide access to paywalled research, the research cannot be reused without permission or an additional fee.
The open access publishing model benefits anyone looking for new knowledge, including researchers, students, and taxpayers. Open access returns us to the true values of science: to help advance and improve society. For researchers, open access enables them to improve the reach and quality of research through transparent and reproducible practices.
Benefits of open access

Global audience
Under an Open Access, CC-BY license, you are granted the ability to reach a wider audience, and freely share your work anywhere, anytime. The reach of your work increases significantly, because there is never a fee for readers to access, download, or share your work.
Immediate availability
Your work can be made immediately available in its entirety to those in and beyond the research community. Researchers can read, reuse, and build on the findings of others with attribution. The unrestricted sharing greatly accelerates scientific advancement.
Multidisciplinary exchange
The fast proliferation of research findings inspires similar research, and motivates others to make inroads into other fields. When research materials from all fields are easily accessible, researchers from multiple disciplines are encouraged to embark on interdisciplinary endeavors.
Growing citations
Open access articles are more impactful than subscription-only ones, both in the short term and in the long run. Your work in the open-access domain becomes more discoverable and visible, which increases the chance of being cited. Anyone can find your work online, as it is fully indexed, and open to text mining.
Author visibility
The authors who publish articles in the open access model are highly visible to a large number of readers, compared with those publish their work in subscription-only journals. The funders of the research can achieve more prominence.
Future enlightenment
Open access publication of your work benefits everyone, rather than a few researchers. Students, readers, and even laymen all have a stake in science. As research results become more visible and available, the future generations can be better enlightened.
How it works at Acadlore?

All articles published by Acadlore are made immediately available worldwide under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. This license lets authors maximize the impact of their research by making it available for everyone around the world. Everyone is free to find, read and reuse the published material, without permission or fees, as long as the author and original source are properly cited.
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