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Full-spectrum technical support

Acadlore delivers the best publishing experience by developing cutting-edge technical solutions. Our own manuscript processing system provides full-spectrum technical support to the entire publication flow, from manuscript acceptance to publication. Every step of journal publishing is completed efficiently online. Cooperative services are deeply integrated in our system. For instance, we support the use of ORCID iDs in publication workflows, and rely on CrossRef to ensure the originality of material.
End-to-end workflow

Acadlore owns and builds the manuscript processing system to facilitate all parties in the journal publishing process. The authors can keep track of their manuscripts all the way from submission to publication, and make online modifications at ease. The reviewers can access the article to be reviewed easily, and waste no time in leaving insightful comments. In addition to manuscript tracking, the editors can focus on quality improvement, content production, and content management, with the aid of our manuscript processing system.
Editorial process
Production process
Manuscript tracking
Online proofing
Manuscript tracking
Manuscript tracking
Quality assurance
Content production
Content management
Publishing partnerships

We provide our manuscript processing system as a flexible and cost-effective technical solution to external OA publishers, and any other or other organization in need of publishing support. Thanks to the modular design of our system, any partner can choose between end-to-end support and stage-specific support for their publishing services. The contents will be managed to the same high standards as those in our journals.
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