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Acadlore Publication Services: We offer superior services to our authors, reviewers, editors, librarians, publishers, societies, and conference organizers.
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Academic conferences are meetings attended by researchers mostly from the academia. The typical attendees include professors, students, and researchers from the government or industry. Attending an academic conference brings multiple benefits to different attendees. For professors, academic conferences are useful to get feedbacks on their research projects, learn about other projects in their fields, and connect with other researchers. For students, academic conferences provide a good opportunity to attend the paper sessions, practice talking in front of an audience, and raise questions about topics of interest. For researchers from the government or industry, academic conferences help them to understand the frontiers of their fields, recruit people from the academia, and inspire scientific research ideas.
To facilitate scientific exchange across multiple disciplines, Acadlore provides professional conference service and fast yet effective proceedings service to organizers of academic conferences.
Organize your conference with Acadlore

Acadlore provides end-to-end support to every stage of your academic event, such as webpage development, schedule arrangement, online registration, call for abstracts/papers, peer review management, online billing, copyediting, language editing, OA publication, award management, and user management. For more information of conference organization, please click here.
Publish proceedings with Acadlore

Acadlore is a professional publisher of various peer-reviewed scholarly open access journals, which covers virtually every field of research, ranging from business and economics, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, life sciences, math, physical sciences, to social sciences. You can enjoy our high-quality proceedings service featured by open science, fast speed, and end-to-end management at a standard publishing charge. For more information of proceedings publication, please click here.
Receive sponsorship support from Acadlore

In addition to the services above, Acadlore offers sponsorship support to various academic events, such as advertisements on journal pages, and awards, to name but a few. If you are interested, please contact
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