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Aims & Scope


Journal of Industrial Intelligence (JII) (ISSN 2958-2687) serves as an innovative forum for disseminating cutting-edge research in intelligent technologies and their practical applications in the industrial sector. It aims to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial practice, providing a platform for researchers, industrial professionals, and policymakers to present both foundational and applied research findings. JII welcomes a variety of submissions including reviews, regular research papers, short communications, and special issues on specific topics, particularly emphasizing works that combine technical rigor with real-world industrial applicability.

The journal’s objective is to foster detailed and comprehensive publication of research findings, with no constraints on paper length. This allows for in-depth presentation of theories and experimental results, facilitating reproducibility and comprehensive understanding. JII also offers distinctive features including:

  • Every publication benefits from prominent indexing, ensuring widespread recognition.

  • A distinguished editorial team upholds unparalleled quality and broad appeal.

  • Seamless online discoverability of each article maximizes its global reach.

  • An author-centric and transparent publication process enhances submission experience.


JII covers an extensive range of topics, reflecting the diverse aspects of industrial intelligence:

  • Industry 4.0 Technologies: Exploration of the fourth industrial revolution technologies and their transformative impact on industries.

  • Multi-agent Systems: Studies on collaborative sensing and control using multi-agent systems in industrial contexts.

  • Data Analytics in Industry: Research on feature extraction, knowledge acquisition, industrial data modeling, and visualization.

  • Intelligent Sensing and Perception: Innovations in industrial perception, cognition, and decision-making processes.

  • Smart Factories and IoT: Examination of smart factory concepts and the integration of the Internet of Things in industrial operations.

  • Quality Surveillance and Fault Diagnosis: Techniques for product quality monitoring and fault diagnosis in manufacturing.

  • Remote Monitoring and Integrated Systems: Studies on internet-based remote monitoring and the integration of sensors and machines.

  • Predictive Maintenance and Abnormal Situation Monitoring: Research on predictive maintenance strategies and monitoring of abnormal situations in industrial settings.

  • Control Systems: Advanced research in cooperative, autonomous, and optimization control systems.

  • Intelligent Decision Systems: Development and application of intelligent decision-making systems in industrial contexts.

  • Virtual Manufacturing and Smart Grids: Innovations in virtual manufacturing, smart grids, and their industrial applications.

  • Autonomous Vehicles and UAVs: Research on unmanned vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in industrial applications.

  • Reinforcement Learning in Real-Time Optimization: Application of reinforcement learning for real-time optimization in industrial processes.

  • Weak AI Development: Exploration of weak AI development and its implications in industrial intelligence.