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dragan marinković
Technical University of Berlin, Germany | website
Research interests: Structural Analysis; FEM based Real-Time Simulations; Smart Structures; Composite Materials; Transport and Logistics; Decision-Making Approaches
dragan pamucar
University of Belgrade, Serbia, | website
Research interests: Operational Research; Mathematical Programming; Multi-Criteria Decision Making; Uncertainty Theories; Fuzzy Sets and Systems; Neuro-Fuzzy Systems; Neutrosophic Sets; Rough Sets
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madjid tavana
La Salle University, USA | website
Research interests: Decision Support Systems; Multi-Criteria Decision Making; Decision Sciences; Systems Analysis and Design; Operations Research and Supply Chain Management
muhammet deveci
Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University College London, Imperial College London, United Kingdom | website
Research interests: Operations Management; Optimization; Scheduling; Mathematical Programming; Heuristics; Integer Programming
jolanta tamošaitienė
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania | website
Research interests: Civil Engineering; Construction; MCDM, Risk
ramesh k. agarwal
Washington University in St Louis Campus, United States | website
Research interests: Ground Effect Aerodynamics; Flow Control; Rarefied Gas Dynamics and Hypersonic Flow; Bio-Fluid Dynamics; Wind Energy; Energy Efficiency of Buildings; Chemical Looping Combustion and Geological Carbon Sequestration
abid ali khan
Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), India | website
Research interests: Post Treatment of Anaerobic Effluents; Anammox and Aerobic Granulation for Mainstream Application; Anaerobic Digestion and Enhanced Biogas Production
shankar chakraborty
Jadavpur University, India | website
Research interests: Control Chart Pattern Recognition; Expert System; Decision Making; Operations Research
fatih ecer
Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey | website
Research interests: Statistics; Statistical Analysis; Artificial Intelligence; Optimization; Multiple Criteria Decision Making; Operational Studies
samarjit kar
National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India | website
Research interests: Operations Research; Soft Computing; Fuzzy Mathematics
sarfaraz hashemkhani zolfani
School of Engineering, Catholic University of the North, Coquimbo, Chile | website
Research interests: MCDM; Strategic Management; Technology Foresight; Orospective MADM; Sustainability
seyyed ahmad edalatpanah
Ayandegan Institute of Higher Education, Iran | website
Research interests: Mathematical Programming; Operational Research; Numerical Modeling; Strategic Analytics; Decision Support Systems; Uncertainty Theories; Soft Computing
muhammad riaz
University of the Punjab, Pakistan | website
Research interests: Algebra and Topology; Computational Intelligence; Fuzzy Sets and Systems; Soft Set Theory; Rough Set Theory; Novel Hybrid Structures; Topology and Its Applications in Decision Making Problems
arunodaya raj mishra
Government College Raigaon, India | website
Research interests: Fuzzy Set Theory; Fuzzy Mathematics; Multiobjective Optimization; Soft Computing; Computational Intelligence; Environmental Engineering; Sustainability
ilgin gokasar
Bogazici University, Turkey | website
Research interests: Intelligent Transportation Systems; Traffic Safety; Ramp Metering; Real-Time Traffic Control; Incident Management; Work Zone Traffic Management; Advanced Public Transportation Systems; Traffic Flow Modeling and Simulation; Smart and Sustainable Transportation Systems, etc
ömer faruk görçün
Kadir Has University, Turkey | website
Research interests: Fuzzy Optimization; Soft Computing; Uncertainty Theory; Mathematical Modelling; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Traffic Safety; Big Data; Circular Economy; Environmental Engineering
selman karagoz
Coventry University, United Kingdom | website
Research interests: Operational Research; Multi-Criteria Decision Making; Decision-Making under Uncertainty (Stochastic and Fuzzy Environments); Data Analytics; System Dynamics; Artificial Intelligence; Quantitative Research
ieva meidutė-kavaliauskienė
Vilnius Gediminas technical university, Lithuania | website
Research interests: Transportation and Warehousing Processes; Supply Chain Performance; Logistics Activities; Strategic Decision and Decision Making of the Business Processes
aws alaa zaidan
British university in Dubia, United Arab Emirates | website
Research interests: Artificial Intelligence; Fuzzy Decision Making; Multiple Criteria Decision Making
irik mukhametzyanov
Ufa State Petroleum Technological University (USPTU), Russian Federation | website
Research interests: Mathematical Modeling and Optimization in Socio-Economic Systems; Design and Analysis of Multi-Agent Systems; Fuzzy Systems; Decision Support Systems; Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Models
fausto cavallaro
Department of Economics - Environment and Energy Section, University of Molise, Italy, Italy | website
Research interests: Sustainability Assessment; Circular Economy; Renewable Energy Sources; Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multicriteria Analysis; Inference Fuzzy Sets; Machine Learning
jaroslaw watrobski
University of Szczecin, Poland | website
Research interests: Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Making; MCDA Methods: Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Sustainability Problem; Logistics; Decision Support Systems
szabolcs fischer
Széchenyi István University, Hungary | website
Research interests: Engineering in General; Civil Engineering; Structural Engineering; Geotechnics; Railway Infrastructure; Road Infrastructure
darko bozanic
University of Defence in Belgrade, Serbia | website
Research interests: Computing in Social Science; Artificial Intelligence; Modeling; Optimization Modeling; Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis; Decision Analysis; Industrial Engineering