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Aims & Scope


Journal of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (JCHE) (ISSN 2958-0579) is an international open access scholarly journal, which provides an emerging platform for publication of the latest knowledge on any aspect of civil engineering and hydraulic engineering. Our mission is to accept and disseminate original contributions that describe the analyses and solutions in relevant fields, such as civil structure and materials, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering, and water resources management, to name but a few. We welcome original submissions in various forms, including reviews, regular research papers, and short communications as well as Special Issues on particular topics. Our emphasis is placed on the presentation of concepts, methodologies, technologies, and results that advance the knowledge and application in related fields.

The aim of JCHE is to encourage scientists to publish their theoretical and experimental results in as much detail as possible. Therefore, the journal has no restrictions regarding the length of papers. Full details should be provided so that the results can be reproduced. In addition, the journal has the following features:

  • Manuscripts regarding new and innovative research proposals and ideas are particularly welcome.
  • Authors from non-English speaking countries will receive language support.
  • Following a rigorous review process, the accepted papers are published quickly to minimize the time from submission to publication.


The scope of the journal covers, but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Civil structure and materials
  • Geotechnical and foundation engineering
  • Underground and tunnel engineering
  • Road, bridge and railway engineering
  • Civil engineering disaster prevention
  • Building environment and energy application engineering
  • Electrical and intelligent buildings
  • Engineering hydrology and water resource utilization
  • Agricultural water conservancy and rural water conservancy
  • Hydraulics and river dynamics
  • Harbor, waterway and coastal engineering
  • Hydraulic machinery and systems
  • Hydraulic and geotechnical engineering
  • Hydraulic structure and materials
  • Water resources and hydropower engineering
  • Ecological water conservancy
  • Smart water conservancy
  • Risk assessment of hydraulic engineering
  • Water economy
  • Urban water supply and drainage science and engineering
  • Urban sewage treatment and resource utilization
  • Urban and rural water system and ecological recycling
  • Water environment pollution control and restoration
  • Regional and urban water ecological environment system engineering
  • Risk control of water ecological environment