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nicola cardinale
University of Basilicata, Italy
Research interests: Exergy Analysis; Life Cycle Assessment; Temperature and Humidity Performance of Buildings and Building Components; Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources; Ventilation and Diffusion of Pollutants in Confined Spaces; Heat Transfer with Phase Change; Lighting and Acoustic Measurements; Heat Generators; Chimney Performance; Refrigeration Technology; Bioclimatic Materials; Diffusion of Air Pollutants
adriana greco
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Research interests: Energetic and Exergetic Analysis of Vapour Compression Plants; Refrigerant Fluids; Convective Condensation; Convective Boiling; Solid State Refrigeration
Associate editors(3)
guglielmina mutani
Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Research interests: Energy Consumption Models at Building and Urban Scale; Energy Performance Certification of Buildings; Energy Savings Interventions; Renewable Energy Technologies; Indoor/Outdoor Thermal Comfort Analyses
vincenzo bianco
University of Genoa, Italy
Research interests: Energy Management; Convection Heat Transfer; Energy Planning; Renewables; Energy Efficiency; Energy Systems Modelling; CFD; Thermal Storage
raman kumar
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, India
Research interests: Sustainable Machining; Optimization of Processes; Multi Attribute Decision Making; Multi Objective Optimization; Machine Learning in Sustainable Manufacturing
Board members(9)
tiziana cardinale
Università degli Studi della Basilicata, Italy
Research interests: Energy Assessments; Sustainable Tecnologies; Innovative Solutions and New Bio-Based Materials for Improving the Performance within the Built Environment
claudia masselli
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Research interests: Caloric Solid-State Refrigeration; Energy and Environmental Optimization of Vapor Compression Cycles; Renewable Energy Systems; Heat Transfer Mechanisms
valeria silicati
University of Basilicata, Italy
Research interests: Environmental Applied Physics; Industrial Manufacturing Processes; Industry 4.0; Sustainable Manufacturing; Thermodynamic
jiaheng chen
Zhengzhou University, China
Research interests: Refrigeration and Heat Pump
abhishek paul
National Institute of Technology, Silchar, (An Institute of National Importance) Assam, India | website
Research interests: Low-Temperature Combustion; IC Engine; Fuel Synthesis and Hybridization; Waste to Energy
subrata bhowmik
MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi, Pune, India | website
Research interests: Dual Fuel Combustion; Alternative Fuels; Applied Artificial Intelligence; Applied Optimzation
haris ishaq
University of Victoria, Canada | website
Research interests: Sustainable Energy Systems; Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage; Renewable Energy Analysis and Design; Process Modeling and Design; Thermodynamic and Second Law Efficiency Analysis; Carbon-free Fuels (Hydrogen and Ammonia) and Synthetic Fuels
weidong chen
National University of Singapore, Singapore | website
Research interests: Mechanical Engineering
mariam a. sameh
New Heliopolis Engineering Academy, Egypt | website
Research interests: Electric Power System Analysis; Control of Electric Power Systems; Renewable Energy Sources; Optimization Algorithms, and Optimization Control; Photovoltaic Power Plants Analysis and Control; Distributed Generation; Microgrids and Smart Grids