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Aims & Scope


Journal of Operational and Strategic Analytics (JOSA) is a premier open-access journal that specializes in data-driven analysis and decision-making in the fields of statistics, computer programming, and operations research. Its mission is to enhance theoretical and practical understanding of problem-solving in various contexts, including individual, business, organizational, governmental, and societal levels. JOSA welcomes diverse submissions like reviews, research papers, and short communications, including Special Issues on specific topics. The journal is distinct for its comprehensive approach, offering insights into the application of analytics across various organizations and entities.

JOSA encourages in-depth publication of both theoretical and experimental results, with no constraints on paper length to ensure detailed and reproducible findings. Unique features of the journal include:

  • Every publication benefits from prominent indexing, ensuring widespread recognition.

  • A distinguished editorial team upholds unparalleled quality and broad appeal.

  • Seamless online discoverability of each article maximizes its global reach.

  • An author-centric and transparent publication process enhances submission experience.


JOSA offers a broad and comprehensive scope that distinctively positions it within the academic community, encompassing a wide array of topics in operational and strategic analytics:

  • Operational and Strategic Analysis: Exploring advanced methodologies in operational research and strategic analytics, focusing on optimizing business processes and decision-making strategies.

  • Strategic Planning and Management: Covering aspects of strategic planning, including formulation, implementation, and evaluation within various organizational contexts.

  • Business Analytics and Management: Delving into the application of analytics in business management, including performance analysis, market trends, and consumer behavior.

  • Problem Structuring Methods (PSMs): Investigating methodologies for identifying, structuring, and analyzing complex decision-making scenarios in organizational settings.

  • Knowledge and Information Management: Focusing on effective management of knowledge resources and information systems in organizations to enhance decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Decision Analytics and Systems: Examining systems and tools designed to improve the quality and efficiency of decision-making processes in businesses and organizations.

  • Data-Driven Analysis: Emphasizing the role of data in quantitative and qualitative analysis to guide operational and strategic decisions.

  • Digitalizing and Emerging Technologies: Exploring the impact of digital transformation and emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain on operational and strategic planning.

  • Accounting and Quantitative Finance: Applying quantitative methods to accounting and financial decision-making, including risk assessment, investment analysis, and financial modeling.

  • Health and Tourism Management: Investigating the application of operational and strategic analytics in the health and tourism sectors, focusing on improving service delivery and customer satisfaction.

  • Project and Risk Management: Covering the principles and practices of effective project management and risk mitigation strategies in various industries.

  • Complexity and Uncertainty Management: Addressing methods for managing complexity and uncertainty in business operations and strategic planning.

  • Performance Efficiency: Analyzing strategies and tools for enhancing organizational performance, productivity, and operational efficiency.

  • Innovative Applications of Decision Science: Showcasing novel applications of decision science in emerging areas and new themes, expanding the boundaries of operational and strategic analytics.