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Aims & Scope


GeoStruct Innovations (GSI) aims to emerge as a preeminent international platform, meticulously propelling cutting-edge research, technologically-driven advancements, and innovative practices within the interdisciplinary realm of geotechnical and structural engineering. Rooted in a mission to endorse novel and holistic contributions, GSI undertakes a systematic approach towards addressing the multilayered challenges and opportunities intertwined with the design, analytical frameworks, construction, and operational performance of geostructures. With a profound commitment to facilitating a robust conduit for knowledge sharing between academic spheres and the industrial sector, the journal accentuates the promotion of sustainability and resilience across geostructural systems on a global scale.

We warmly invite original submissions of various forms, including but not limited to, review articles, research papers, case studies, and short communications, alongside dedicated Special Issues centered around specific topics within the geostructural engineering domain. The journal openly encourages contributions that span a wide array of areas, including but not limited to theoretical frameworks, innovative materials and technologies, structural health monitoring, sustainability and resilience considerations, interdisciplinary applications, advanced computational strategies, performance-based designs, and geo-environmental issues.

GSI aims to serve as a focal outlet, ensuring intellectual leadership, academic stringency, and practical relevance, thereby paving new pathways, standards, and research directions within geostructural engineering. To this end, the journal imposes no restrictions on the length of papers, ensuring that comprehensive details are provided to enable reproducibility of results. Additionally, the journal boasts the following attributes:

  • Every publication benefits from prominent indexing, ensuring widespread recognition.

  • A distinguished editorial team upholds unparalleled quality and broad appeal.

  • Seamless online discoverability of each article maximizes its global reach.

  • An author-centric and transparent publication process enhances submission experience.


GSI’s scope encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • Foundational Research: High-caliber original research and review articles highlighting advancements in geostructural engineering, encompassing soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and the behavior of diverse construction materials under varied environmental conditions.

  • Innovative Materials and Techniques: Exploration and characterization of pioneering materials and groundbreaking construction methodologies, with an emphasis on enhancing the performance and durability of geostructures.

  • Structural Health Monitoring: Cutting-edge methodologies and technologies aimed at monitoring the health, safety, and operational performance of geostructures, encompassing sensor technologies, data analytics, and real-time monitoring systems.

  • Sustainability and Resilience: Advanced practices, methodologies, and technologies that advocate sustainability in geostructural design and construction, fortifying the resilience of structures against natural calamities.

  • Interdisciplinary Applications: Collaborative research intersecting geotechnical and structural engineering with disciplines such as geology, hydrology, environmental engineering, and urban planning.

  • Advanced Computational Approaches: Development and implementation of forefront computational tools, software, and algorithms in geostructural design and analysis.

  • Performance-Based Design: Research emphasizing performance criteria in structural design, ensuring safety, functionality, and longevity.

  • Geo-Environmental Issues: Addressing environmental implications of geostructural projects, including groundwater contamination and quality, and the overarching ecological impact.

  • Education and Outreach: Addressing pedagogical aspects, including innovative teaching methods, curriculum development, and public awareness strategies.