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adis puška
Government of the Brcko District of BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina | website
Research interests: Quantitative Economics; Supply Chain; Tourism; Marketing and Higher Education
ercan özen
University of Uşak, Uşak, Turkey | website
Research interests: Financial Analysis; Corporate Finance; Finance; Financial Accounting; Financial Statement Analysis; Financial Management; Banking and Finance; Financial Risk Management; Investment; Risk Management
tichun wang
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China | website
Research interests: Knowledge Engineering; Intelligent Design; Data Mining
simon grima
University of Malta, Malta; | website
Research interests: Governance Risk Management and Compliance; Financial Derivatives; Financial Management; Internal Audit; Risk Management; IT Risk Management; Financial Services
zhifang zhou
Central South University, China | website
Research interests: Environmental Accounting; Carbon; Environmental Management; Environment; Recycling; Corporate Social Responsibility
milan andrejić
University of Belgrade, Serbia | website
Research interests: Efficiency and Quality of Logistics Processes and Systems; Improvement and Optimization in Logistics and Supply Chain; Feight Forwarding and International Logistics; Human Resource Management
dalai ma
ChongqingUniversity, China | website
Research interests: Carbon Emissions; Energy Efficiency; Technological Innovation
jiali liu
Jilin University, China | website
Research interests: Political Economy Government Regulation
yichuan zhang
Henan Institute of Science and Technology, China | website
Research interests: Landscape Architecture Planning and Design Theory and Practice; Ecological Environment Restoration and Landscape Reconstruction
lelai shi
Wuhan Textile University, China | website
Research interests: Environmental Economics; International Economics; Information Systems; Information Security
zhe li
Southeast University, China | website
Research interests: Landscape Architecture Planning and Design, Digital Landscape and Technology, Landscape Performance and Evidence-Based Design