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Article Processing Charge Policy
Immersive Reading
In our ongoing efforts to support and encourage scholarly communication, we are pleased to announce that, currently, there are no Article Processing Charges (APC) for submitting or publishing articles in this journal. This policy is part of our commitment to facilitate accessibility and promote equity in academic publishing.
Current No APC Policy
Our decision to not charge APCs is aimed at removing financial barriers to publication, ensuring that researchers worldwide can share their findings. It's important to note that this policy is applicable for the present time and may be subject to future reassessment and changes in line with our journal's financial sustainability plans and the evolving needs of our academic community.
Rationale Behind the No-APC Policy
Accessibility: We aim to make it easier for researchers to publish their work, ensuring wide dissemination of knowledge. Equity: Financial constraints should not be a barrier to the publication of high-quality research. Community Support: This initiative is designed to support the academic community during the publication process, fostering a spirit of open exchange and collaboration.
Future Considerations
The no-APC policy is currently in effect but may be revisited in the future. Any potential changes to this policy will be communicated well in advance, ensuring transparency and allowing our authors and reviewers to plan accordingly. Our ultimate goal remains to maintain a balance between open access to scholarly works and the financial sustainability of the journal.
Supporting Open Access
This policy supports our broader commitment to open access publishing. By making research freely available, we contribute to the global exchange of knowledge, enhancing the impact and reach of the work published in our journal.
Further Information
For any inquiries related to our APC policy or other aspects of the submission and publication process, please contact us ( We are dedicated to providing support and guidance to our authors and reviewers throughout their engagement with our journal.