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Aims & Scope


Healthcraft Frontiers (HF) seeks to advance the multidisciplinary dialogue in health sciences by showcasing research that challenges and extends current knowledge boundaries. The journal's aim is to publish comprehensive and innovative findings in the health domain, supporting a broadened understanding of health and well-being. Emphasis is placed on integrative approaches that combine traditional practices with cutting-edge research to foster breakthroughs in health care. Scholarly contributions are expected to not only question established theories but also offer tangible solutions and insights that have the potential to influence public health and policy on a global scale.

Furthermore, HF highlights the following features:

  • Every publication benefits from prominent indexing, ensuring widespread recognition.

  • A distinguished editorial team upholds unparalleled quality and broad appeal.

  • Seamless online discoverability of each article maximizes its global reach.

  • An author-centric and transparent publication process enhances submission experience.


HF's expansive scope encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • Advanced biomedical research that pushes the frontiers of genetic, molecular, and cellular understandings of health and disease.

  • Public health studies that go beyond traditional epidemiology to include global health security, health economics, and the impact of health policies on disease prevention and management.

  • Behavioral and mental health research that explores new therapeutic paradigms, including the integration of technology in treatment and the role of digital health in modern healthcare.

  • Environmental health research that considers the complex interactions between humans and their environments, including studies on climate change, pollution, and urban health.

  • Nutrition and lifestyle studies that examine the influence of diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices on health and chronic disease management.

  • Health systems and policy research focused on the analysis and design of healthcare delivery systems, aiming to improve quality, efficiency, and equity in healthcare.

  • Translational research that includes the development of new diagnostic tools, vaccines, and therapeutics, emphasizing rapid translation of research into practice.

  • Innovations in healthcare technology, including telemedicine, health informatics, and the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare settings.

  • Integrative and complementary medicine studies that evaluate the efficacy and integration of alternative healing practices into conventional medicine.

  • Patient-centered research that emphasizes patient engagement, experience, and outcomes in the design and evaluation of healthcare interventions.

    Healthcraft Frontiers encourages submissions that not only contribute to their respective fields but also cross-pollinate ideas among various health disciplines, ultimately aiming to catalyze interdisciplinary research and innovation for a healthier global society.