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Editorial to the Inaugural Issue

he chen1,2
School of Artificial Intelligence, Hebei University of Technology, 300401 Tianjin, China
Control Engineering Technology Innovation Center of Hebei Province, Hebei University of Technology, 300401 Tianjin, China
Journal of Intelligent Systems and Control
Volume 1, Issue 1, 2022
Page 1-1
Received: 09-19-2022,
Revised: 09-19-2022,
Accepted: 09-19-2022,
Available online: 10-29-2022
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Dear editors, reviewers, authors, readers, and other members of the whole scientific and professional community,

Welcome to this inaugural issue of Journal of Intelligent Systems and Control (JISC)!

On behalf of the editorial office, I am writing with great pleasure and sincere privilege to present the first issue of the journal JISC.

The past few years has witnessed a growing necessity for advanced intelligent systems, as artificial intelligence penetrate virtually all fields of science, industry, and life. There are many indicators of nature and social systems, some of which conflict with each other. Intelligent systems and smart control methods are urgently needed to resolve the potential conflicts. However, it is very challenging to develop such systems and methods, facing the uncertainties of the environment, the limited time, and the lack of financial resources. Against this backdrop, it is necessary to design intelligent systems based on intelligent and automatic control strategies. Such intelligent systems would save personnel costs, make our society more efficient, and enable proper decision-making.

This first issue aims to answer many important questions related to the scope of the journal. Seven very interesting high-quality papers are selected for publication. These papers apply decision models in various fields: in the lateral transfer inventory optimization technique for auto spare parts, in the wind-solar hydrogen storage coupled power generation system, in the automatic car pedal pressing system, and in the cargo transportation of cranes. Additionally, the micro-positioning stage, the data sharing of multi-cloud storage server, and the power system voltage stability, are also discussed in this issue, providing important insights into various intelligent systems.

Journal of Intelligent Systems and Control (JISC) (ISSN 2957-9805) is an international open access scholarly journal addressing the theories, methods, and applications underlying intelligent systems and system control. The mission of the journal is to foster new thinking and research, and facilitate the understanding of operating and control mechanisms of economic, engineering, management, and technological systems. We welcome original submissions in various forms, including review articles, regular articles, short communications, as well as Special Issues on particular subjects. The journal encourages contributions related to the new developments in theory and practice that can improve the performance and control of various systems.

We follow principle of international diversity regarding the editorial board, reviewers and authors. Therefore, we invite and welcome submissions from around the world. All information related to JISC journal are available in our website:

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