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Editorial to the Inaugural Issue

mirela cristea*
Department of Finance, Banking and Economic Analysis, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Craiova, 200585 Craiova, Romania
Journal of Green Economy and Low-Carbon Development
Volume 1, Issue 1, 2022
Page 1-1
Received: 11-14-2022,
Revised: N/A,
Accepted: 11-14-2022,
Available online: 12-28-2022
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Dear editors, reviewers, authors, readers, and other members of the whole scientific and professional community,

Welcome to this inaugural issue of the Journal of Green Economy and Low-Carbon Development (JGELCD)!

On behalf of the editorial board members, I express my gratitude to introduce the first issue of the JGELCD, which comprises a set of articles on the subject of economic change to sustain environment and reduce climate change. The articles provide multidisciplinary knowledge on complementary fields, due to the specificity of the aim and scope of the JGELCD.

Therefore, this inaugural issue comprises five articles, whose short presentations follow below.

Article 1 provides valuable underpinnings of the influence of logistics customer service on sustainability-focused freight transport practices of enterprises, based on a survey questionnaire. The results obtained - using the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin test, the Bartlett Sphericity test, factor analysis, correlations, and hierarchical multiple regression - suggest that sustainability-focused freight transport practices are conditioned by auxiliary logistics processes within logistics customer service, management competencies, and capability of enterprises to employ resources in the feedback for the market requirement.

Article 2 investigates technological drivers (like AI, ANNs, smart fuzzy logic systems, smart genetic algorithms, smart IoTs, and smart expert systems) to evaluate CO2 emissions, by applying machine learning in three directions, namely “supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning”, to advance a clean Energy System. The results revealed that integration of sensors and predictive analysis may control the negative impact of climate change, on the one hand, and integration of sensor and machine learning algorithms may foresee future climate situations, on the other hand, with overall positive impact on economic activities.

Article 3 provides insights for development of existing tourism potential on Pahawang Island (Indonesia), whose management is carried out by the local community. The underpinnings of this research reveal the main ways for improving the tourism, maintaining hospitality, cleanliness, comfort of tourists and protecting the environment.

Article 4 highlights the factors responsible for the adoption of green products in the Indian market, based on a survey questionnaire. The main findings revealed that green labelling (as the most important tool for consumers to identify green products), “concerns about the environment” and “recommendations from family and friends” have a great influence on consumer's orientation for green products in India.

Article 5 also relates to the tourism field, which investigates the distribution characteristics and spatial correlation of tourist accommodation spaces based on environment information. The main findings reveal significant and valuable information on this subject.

Accordingly, this inaugural issue offers insightful knowledge on the environmental issue and climate change, related to the following fields: transport, logistics, technological drivers, tourism and green products. The authors are coming from Poland, Greece, Romania, Indonesia, India and China.

Therefore, based on the internationally opening of the journal, we invite and welcome manuscripts’ submissions from around the world. All information related to the JGELCD are available on the website:

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