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Call for Editors
06-29-2022, Acadlore Blogs
For editors

Acadlore strives to inspire and empower the scientific exchange between scholars around the world, especially those form emerging countries. Our diverse portfolio of open-access journals preserves and proclaims both proven know-hows and novel technologies. These journals help us to amass academic knowledge in all disciplines, and share it freely with people across the globe.

We courteously invite you as an editor of Acadlore journals, which provide a helpful research source for researchers, practitioners, and learners. If you have interest in becoming the editor of any of our journals, please specify the journal of interest, along with your CV, in an email to the email address of each journal. We look forward to your constant support in improving the quality of our journals.

Duties of editors

  • Make preliminary review and editorial decision of the submissions in your research interests.
  • Suggest topics for special issues related to your research interests.
  • Participate in the peer review of submissions in your research interests.
  • Gather or recommend high-quality papers in your research interests in line with the scope of the journal.
  • Promote the journal among your colleagues and at major academic events.
  • Request the opinions from all parties about how to improve the publication policies and content quality of the journal.

Benefits of editors

  • Receive a certificate in recognition of your contribution to the journal.
  • Gain an important publication outlet for you, your coworkers, and your graduate students.
  • Expand your academic influence by promoting your research results in our journals and academic events.
  • Get strong supports from our full-time in-house editors in peer review and file production.
  • work collaboratively with experts in the relevant fields, and have the chance to exchange the most inspiring ideas with them.

Eligibility for becoming editors

  • Hold a PhD with good experiences in in your specific field of research.
  • Hold professor’s position at accredited academic institution.
  • Come from industrial background with good exposure to technologies.

List of Acadlore journals

TitleAbbr.Email addressCategory
Acadlore Transactions on AI and Machine LearningATAIMLataiml@acadlore.comComputer Sciences
Journal of Green Economy and Low-Carbon DevelopmentJGELCDjgelcd@acadlore.comEnvironmental Sciences; Business and Economics
Journal of Urban Development and ManagementJUDMjudm@acadlore.comEnvironmental Sciences; Business
Opportunities and Challenges in SustainabilityOCSocs@acadlore.comEnvironmental Sciences
Power Engineering and Engineering ThermophysicsPEETpeet@acadlore.comPhysical Sciences
Acadlore Transactions on GeosciencesATGatg@acadlore.comEnvironmental Sciences; Physical Sciences
Journal of Sustainability for EnergyJSEjse@acadlore.comEnvironmental Sciences; Physical Sciences
Information Dynamics and ApplicationsIDAida@acadlore.comComputer Sciences
Journal of Industrial IntelligenceJIIjii@acadlore.comEngineering
Journal of Intelligent Systems and ControlJISCjisc@acadlore.comEngineering
Journal of Intelligent Management DecisionJIMDjimd@acadlore.comBusiness and Economics
Journal of Engineering Management and Systems EngineeringJEMSEjemse@acadlore.comEngineering
Mechatronics and Intelligent Transportation SystemsMITSmits@acadlore.comEngineering
Journal of Civil and Hydraulic EngineeringJCHEjche@acadlore.comEngineering
Smart Systems and EquipmentSSEsse@acadlore.comEngineering
Intelligent Biosystems and EngineeringIBEibe@acadlore.comLife Sciences; Engineering
Applied BioEngineering ResearchABERaber@acadlore.comLife Sciences; Engineering
Journal of Buildings Climate ControlJBCCjbcc@acadlore.comEnvironmental Sciences; Physical Sciences; Engineering
Renewable Energy and Energy StorageREESrees@acadlore.comEnvironmental Sciences; Physical Sciences; Engineering
Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance, and Risk ManagementJCGIRMjcgirm@acadlore.comBusiness and Economics
Acadlore Transactions on AI and Machine LearningATAIMLataiml@acadlore.comComputer Sciences
Journal of Green Economy and Low-Carbon DevelopmentJGELCDjgelcd@acadlore.comEnvironmental Sciences; Business and Economics
International Journal of Knowledge and Innovation StudiesIJKISijkis@acadlore.comComputer Sciences
Education Science and ManagementESMesm@acadlore.comBusiness and Economics
Acadlore Transactions on Applied Mathematics and StatisticsATAMSatams@acadlore.comMath